July 11, 2016


MARS 2020 is a mission of NASA's Mars Exploration Programme.

JPL is the mission prime contractor.

Mars2020 payload instruments were developed and delivered to JPL under responsibility of a "Principal Investigator" (PI).
Each PI is responsible for the interfaces with JPL, for the integration and the commissioning of his instrument as well as its delivery to JPL for integration to the rover. He is also responsible for his instrument operations, data processing and distribution to the scientific community.

CNES ensures the overall responsibility of the French contributions to SuperCam:

  • it funds the external costs of the French laboratories,
  • it oversees the developments of the French contributions,
  • if needed by laboratories, it provides support for quality assurance as well as mechanical, thermal, and component-related expertise,
  • it constitutes the interface with the PI, NASA and JPL for management and schedule aspects,
  • it funds the French scientific activities.

Contributions from the French laboratories

Institute  Main Contribution
IRAPInstrument Leader; Science, project management, AITV
CNESSub-assemblies (laser) delivery
OMPDesign and manufacture of the mechanical part of the instrument  
LABProject management and DPU supply
LESIAIRBox design and supply, and system group participation
LATMOSElectronics boards for IRBox design and supply